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12 Fallston View Court
Fallston, MD, 21047
United States


kbeautystudio-semi permanent makeup and eyelash extensions


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"M" has beautiful eyes !!

Mijung Kim

K-beautystudio has 'M' who has beautiful eye naturally. After eyelash extensions, OMG 😍
Her eyes are soo beautiful 😍😍
Looks beautiful girl !! 
Look at her smile 😘😘😘😘

ezzy front blog small.jpg
ezzy up blog small.jpg
ezzy side blog small.jpg
ezzy close blog small.jpg

"K" is beautiful !!

Mijung Kim

K-beautystudio has been so busy,, need to update her post 😅😅😅😅😅
'K' who is always wearing eye glasses for work. She needs short length of lashes not to touch glasses and give her mascara effect at the same time !! 😉😉😉
Looks beautiful 'K' 💖💖💖

kathy front blog small-2.jpg
kathy up blog small-2.jpg
kathy side blog small.jpg
kathy front blog small.jpg

"E" is strong beauty !!

Mijung Kim

K-beautystudio has a wonderful warrior "E". She is so beautiful and at the same time so strong. She has the most accurate TKD kick in women's divisions. 
She tries her best whenever
she throws a kick. When I look at her, feel Beauty. 
AND she wants to have eyelash extensions 💖😉. 
She is a 3rd degree Black belt 😎💖😎💖😎💖😎💖😎💖

erin front blog small 복사.jpg
erin front blog small-2 복사.jpg
erin side blog small 복사.jpg
erin close blog small 복사.jpg